Alex Howe

VP, Marketing + Growth

What’s your name?
Alex Howe

Favorite non-work apps? Why?
Reddit. It’s like having the entire experience of NYC, and the best and worst of humanity, in your pocket at any time… And that you can close just as quickly.

Favorite book or podcast at the moment?
Two Bears One Cave: two comedians that play off one another and talk a lot about their jobs that are so different than mine.

If you could retire and work on a philanthropic cause, what would it be?
Climate change. There is no single bigger cause that effects all of us and it’s getting too late.

What’s an opinion you feel so strongly about that you’d put it on a billboard?
Strong convictions, loosely held.

Finish the sentence: renter-centric means _______.
Renters are the single most important part of your business, treat them as such.

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