Our property syndication software allows you to update your listings automatically and make changes by property, floor or unit, across all major ILSs, fully integrated with your legacy tech stack. Direct integrations with ILSs ensure your listings display optimally every time and that you’ll capture richer data from prospective renters.

Automatic + optimized listings.

Need to update photos or pricing info everywhere your listings appear? Easy. Make changes directly on Funnel and they’re pushed automatically across all platforms. No need to individually copy and paste across every site. Plus, you can rest assured your unit information is displayed optimally for each site.

Unique + deep integrations.

Our custom integrations with each ILS make it a breeze to sync and ensure information properly flows back and forth. Funnel also integrates with the rest of your tech stack (email providers, third-party call centers, etc.) and connects with your legacy PMS to ensure leads, appointments, and activity seamlessly flow across systems.

Unit-level syndication.

Manage your many properties across the board, or go into a specific unit or floor plan. You have the power to manage individual units, updating photos, media, or other info, the way you want to.

unit-level syndication feature of product by Funnel

“We now have better insights for making decisions.”

– Pat Klein, SVP & CTO, Essex Property Trust

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