A comprehensive renter and resident platform.

Leasing shouldn’t be hard or manual.

  • One platform (and login) to take renters from inquiry through renewal.
  • SOC II Type 2 secure, enterprise-grade software solution.
  • All of the AI, automation, data, and reporting you need in one place.

What is the impact?


task time savings Essex Property Trust


saved on an annualized basis Camden Property Trust

SOC II Type 2

certified to safely handle sensitive personal information

“Camden uses Funnel as its complete leasing platform. We leverage it as a CRM with marketing automation and a slick virtual leasing agent. It integrates nicely with our property management software.”

Kristy Simonette
SVP, Strategic Services

camden multifamily CRM

One platform

Everything you need in one place

One tech platform for both leasing teams and renters that streamlines initial inquiry through renewal. No more jumping between vendors or screens, resulting in a consistent renter experience, accurate reporting, tech stack simplification, and business efficiency.

multifamily CRM platform and AI solution for property owners
Lead to lease volume from multifamily CRM

All. The. Data.

Unprecedented visibility, unlock your potential

It’s your data, you should have access to all of it, unlike other companies who limit and make you appear smaller than reality. Skip extra workarounds — download actionable reports instantly. Feed Funnel data into your BI solution, garner data insights from our near real-time reporting, and make data-backed business decisions at every step.

Until now, technology limited true access needed to improve your business, it’s time to take your power back.



See ya, CRM-induced headaches 

No more trying (and failing) to remember to follow up with leads, no more opening 15 tabs and 3 programs to take care of renters One platform with built-in customizable triggers so teams aren’t playing a game of memory or guessing what work is urgent. 

Multifamily CRM helps leasing teams focus on what's important
SOC 2 Type II secure multifamily CRM

SOC II Type 2

Fully secure and compliant

A proven solution you can trust. We take security seriously, that’s why we went the extra mile to earn our SOC II Type 2 certification. Your renters, and your business, need the peace of mind that their information is protected

Centralized leasing

Meet the future of multifamily

Funnel’s unique single guest card architecture allows for seamless centralization and cross-community workflows. In other words, a team member doesn’t need to be onsite to manage leasing for Any. Community. In. Your. Portfolio. By moving leasing to a centralized “back office” or a distributed remote workforce, onsite teams are now free to focus on valuable interactions with renters and residents.

Centralized operating model and centralized leasing through Funnel multifamily CRM
Centralized leasing multifamily CRM

Single login

You don’t know how powerful you really are…

One password to rule them all. No more forgotten passwords, no more 17 tabs open to take care of renters and residents, one login for your team, for prospective renters and current residents. From initial inquiry, through application, rent payments, and renewals, we’ve got it all in one place.


We’re proud to partner with the best

Funnel is trusted by 8 of NMHC top 20. Our product was built for the leading and largest companies in the space, meaning we built it to be enterprise-grade from the start. The Funnel platform is robust, and customizable to meet your specific business workflows and needs. No more settling for the products that came with your PMS.

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Funnel multifamily CRM integration Yardi

PMS agnostic

We integrate with your current solutions

Leverage Funnel’s platform to take care of prospects and residents from inquiry through renewal, with robust PMS (and many other) integrations no matter which solution is taking care of your ledgers.

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