Johnny Hanna


What’s your name?
Johnny Hanna

Favorite non-work apps? Why?
Twitter – for the schadenfreude of watching our society collapse in front of our very eyes.

Favorite book, podcast, or movie at the moment?
With eight kids, I don’t have a lot of time to read, but I do get to watch the same Disney and Pixar movies over and over again, and I can relate a lot of life lessons back to my kids through that. One of our favorites is Moana, I love to jam to the music.

If you could retire and work on a philanthropic cause, what would it be?
Mental health, everyone struggles in one way or another, in our world how can you not have things bugging you? Everyone needs somebody to be vulnerable with, to share how they’re feeling and let it out.

What’s an opinion you feel so strongly about that you’d put it on a billboard?
Experience your emotions, do not tuck them away or distract yourself from them.

Finish the sentence: renter-centric means _______.
the future for multifamily.

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