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Renter Management Software (RMS)

We built a new category of technology because our clients, and the renters they serve, demanded it.

What is Renter Management Software (RMS)?

Funnel’s new category of Renter Management Software is architected fundamentally differently from the ground up when compared to property management software (PMS). We put the renter (instead of the property) at the center through a unique, single, centralized guest card, and a platform focused exclusively on front office needs taking care of processes from initial inquiries through renewals. Funnel integrates with all of the leading PMS providers providing a unified source of truth for renter-facing business functions.

    Renter-centricity unlocks the new operating model


    The traditional way

    Each property is the source of truth which generates multiple guest cards for one person inquiring at multiple properties, resulting in duplicative work and clunky renter experience.


    The Funnel way

    Unlock the new operating model through centralization, role specialization, shared services, and cross-selling to create a seamless renter experience.

    What does Renter Management Software (RMS) enable?

    • Exceptional renter and resident experiences
    • Increased margins
    • Happier teams
    • Role specialization
    • AI + automation
    • Renewals
    • Mobile-first online leasing
    • Shared services
    • Centralization

    How does renter-centricity empower leasing professionals?


    The traditional way

    Each agent on the property takes on many different roles and responsibilities simultaneously, from sales to back-office management, resulting in inefficient, low-quality work and a poor renter experience.


    The Funnel way

    Each agent can focus exclusively on their most critical tasks, allowing AI and other specialists to handle the rest. This unlocks centralization, role specialization, and cross-selling while enabling a seamless renter experience.

    The four requirements of Renter Management Software

    Sole focus on renter-facing solutions

    In scope, RMS is broader than a single-point solution and narrower than legacy property management systems. RMS only focuses on the renter lifecycle from initial inquiry through renewal, with no property-centric products like accounting or ledgers.

    Single-guest card platform architecture

    Structurally, the platform is architected around the individual renter through a single centralized guest card — meaning full visibility into your customer’s needs and complete journey across your portfolio.

    The ability to specialize or centralize teams’ work streams or tasks

    This single guest card architecture empowers businesses to operate with greater flexibility, and centralize their teams’ specialized, renter-facing workstreams. Even if you haven’t started to centralize your operations, the platform helps improve your internal operating model and renter experience. Imitators who link multiple separate guest cards create workarounds (which by definition are inefficient), not innovation. Workarounds, like that, are symptoms of status-quo vendors building tech bandaids rather than revolutionizing the industry (and fixing their platform architecture) to heal what’s fundamentally broken and meet the needs of teams and renters.

    A core operating ethos

    Finally, a renter-first ethos demands more than a “better” or an “improved” renter experience, but business transformation and a perfected renter journey.

    Create tomorrow’s operating model today.

    Learn about how Renter Management Software can revolutionize your operations (and seamlessly integrates with your favorite PMS).

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