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Next Generation CRM

ENGAGE and delight your leads with our renter-centric lease management software. Our intuitive CRM enables cross-selling and empowers your teams through automation to improve efficiencies and increase leases. The platform is user-friendly, beautiful, records all inbound and outbound calls, offers robust reporting and many other features, and is built to make managing your portfolio instant and seamless.

  • Lead Management
  • Automation
  • Self-Tour Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Omni-Channel Communication
  • Contact Center
  • Resident Tools

Virtual Leasing Agent

AMPLIFY your leasing efforts with robust conversations powered by machine learning and natural language processing with our virtual leasing agent. Seamless handoffs to agents, customizable preferences, and a deep integration with our CRM ensure prospects will receive the answers they need automatically and are moved toward becoming residents.

  • Rich Conversations
  • Machine Learning
  • Agent Handoffs
  • Customizable
  • CRM Integration
Virtual Leasing Agent product from Funnel

Online Leasing NEW

CONVERT your prospects to residents quickly and easily for your online leasing teams. The industry’s only FinTech integration pulls all the financial info needed, instantly verifying income and assets, and quickly converting leads to leases. No more searching for W2s or paystubs. Faster sign times, mobile-first and common sense application screens, happy on-site teams, and even happier residents.

  • Instant Income Verification
  • Screening
  • Digital Application Signing


SIGNAL your listings automatically and make changes by property, floor or unit, across all major ILSs, fully integrated with your legacy tech stack. Direct integrations with ILSs ensure your listings display optimally every time and that you’ll capture richer data from prospective renters.

  • Automatic + Optimized Listings
  • Automation
  • Unique + Deep Integrations
  • Unit-level Syndication