Funnel is made for

Multifamily marketers

Multifamily marketer CRM product with data and reporting capabilities

What is the impact?


secret shop score — RKW Residential


of initial inquiries are handled via automation, AI, or Virtual Leasing Agent.


increase in lead-to-lease conversion.

One of the unexpected benefits, and something that we were very excited about, as we got further into using Funnel, is the breadth of data that is available to us. Previously this was not something that we had as much insight into.”

Bri Bocker
Director of Marketing Technology

Cortland Funnel Multifamily CRM client

How does it work?

Multifamily marketing CRM

Don’t light your marketing dollars on fire

Multitouch attribution empowers marketers to spend intelligently on the sources proven to convert prospects to residents. 

Lower customer acquisition costs, and increase customer lifetime value by creating the data-backed consistent, ecommerce, apartment shopping experience that makes renters feel at home from the first click.

How can Funnel help you?

Build the fail-proof renter experience leveraging powerful, timesaving, marketing automation with over 690 combinations of triggers and actions.

Cast light into the attribution blackhole with multitouch attribution, real-time reporting, and intelligent marketing spend.

Have a special promotion or hosting a resident event? Easily build the perfect email templates and send bulk messages with a simple drag-and-drop HTML builder.

Scale brand consistency with every interaction through HTML styling.

Increase lead-to-lease conversion rates (even if you’re short-staffed).

Don’t leave renters on “read.” Say hello to fast responses, and goodbye to leads with no follow-up.

Simplify the ILS updating process.

Grow brand loyalty and determine renter lifetime value.

Branded, mobile-first, online leasing application.

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