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Our powerful multifamily CRM uniquely puts renters at the center architecturally, giving operators the best way to market, nurture, manage, and lease their entire portfolio.

What is the impact?


basis point improvement in cross-selling – Essex Property Trust


task time savings – Essex Property Trust


annual savings thanks to new operating model – Camden

“In _______, I needed to allocate 2–2.5 hours each day to handle all my follow-ups. With Funnel, I only spend 45 minutes a day — and I’m doing even more follow-ups than I previously was.”

Community Manager

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Our platform is built fundamentally different from other multifamily CRMs.

We built our CRM around each renter, not the properties, making cross-selling your portfolios instant and seamless and driving max productivity for teams. Because of our single guest card architecture all of the information your teams need, no matter their location, lives in a single view. We give leasing teams a hand with AI and automation-powered follow-up, and keep them on the same page by logging communication no matter if it’s email, text, or a phone call. The results? Saving time and money, while also increasing your lead-to-lease conversions.

With Funnel, you’re finally able to solve multifamily’s toughest challenges: increased customer expectations, talent turnover, and rising costs. 


Renter-centric, not property-centric

Put your future residents at the center of all you do with renter-centric guest cards (only one guest card for one renter no matter what). This simple architectural differentiator transforms what’s possible for the way you do business. Cross-selling, centralization, and role specialization drive additional revenue and efficiencies while cutting costs. These changes aren’t possible with other solutions, choosing Funnel allows you to future-proof your business. When you are ready to make the organizational changes required to compete long term, Funnel is ready for you. 

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marketing automation feature of multifamily CRM product from Funnel


Save your teams time

Our AI and automation take care of 86% of initial inquiries, and are proven to give teams 35% of their time back to focus on high-value interactions. Because our AI and automation were built to work in lockstep with the CRM, nothing is lost in translation, renter preferences are parsed from conversations and instantly update on the guest card. Even better, this dynamic duo can automatically cross-sell sister communities based on renter preferences. Win-win. Higher conversation rates, and increased revenue, while saving your team time.

Tour scheduling

Scheduling as flexible as your renters need it to be

Today’s renters expect instant, self-service apartment shopping journeys. Stop the back-and-forth emailing and let prospects book their tours for multiple properties seamlessly, empowering your agents to spend their time on forging deeper relationships with prospects.

automated tour scheduling through multifamily crm
Dashboard with data analytics and reporting transparency in Funnel's multifamily CRM


Actionable insights + operational efficiencies

Better insights with ready-to-present reports that include multi-touch attribution and actionable data. Go as deep and specific as agent activity reports and as wide as regional and portfolio performance. Remove the guesswork — analyze every step of your renter’s journey with a complete reporting suite you can trust to optimize marketing spend, staff intelligently, and perfect the renter journey without needing a minor in data science.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation + renter journey perfected

Communicate with prospects on their terms (over email, phone, text or chat) and keep the convos all in one place in an intuitive and beautiful single panel. Funnel’s guest card transparency allows leasing teams, and automation to work hand in hand and delivering a consistently exceptional customer experience every time. Marketing automation means pre-tour reminders, post-tour follow-ups, post inquiry nurturing touchpoints can all be automated with custom pad times, and over 690 triggers and action combinations that you can adjust to optimize the renter journey. With Funnel prospects receive the right message at the right time, regardless of the team working the lead and their bandwidth.

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Dashboard of multifamily CRM contact center that allows specialized centralized teams to take care of renters. are

Contact center

Seamless omnichannel management

Utilize best-in-class technology to enable full IVR management and complex call routing scenarios. Our technology is fully integrated with your CRM, including SMS, email, live chat, and voice capabilities.

Renter journey

Nothing is more important than the renter

Delighting your customers is vital at every step of the renter journey from inquiry through renewals. AI and automation assign individual tasks for team members. With Funnel, you can call residents from your browser, bridge to a cell phone, or from the community. All tasks and communication are recorded in the platform. No more phony guest card notes that you see in other platforms indicating that a team member “left a voicemail” for a prospect. Team members only need to do their job, versus doing their job AND then manually recording that they did their job.

Resident functionality within the multifamily crm dashboards

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