AI + Automation designed for multifamily operators

Insulate your business from staffing issues and inconsistency.

  • Help burned out employees do more with less.
  • Reduce spend as a by-product of greater conversion.
  • Free teams to focus on providing exceptional renter experiences to prospects and current residents.
multifamily CRM communicates with AI solution by Funnel

What is the impact?


secret shop score – RKW Residential


of tours scheduled via Virtual Leasing Agent (VLA) were booked after hours – Cortland


of initial inquiries handled via automation, AI, or Virtual Leasing Agent.

“AI allowed our teams to work smarter and insulated our business in a turbulent labor market.”

Allison Dunavant
VP, Organizational Development

Camden property trust multifamily CRM

Give your teams a hand

Free renter-facing teams from administrative tasks

Multifamily agents are buried under rote, manual tasks that pull them away from building high value customer relationships with prospective renters and current residents. Teams without AI and automation are a recipe for burnout. In the current labor market, properties simply can’t stay staffed, which just means do-more-with-less teams are asked to do even more. Our AI and automation handle 86% of initial inquiries, freeing your team to focus on what matters: renters.

multifamily CRM improves lead to lease conversion

Improved conversions

Shorten your lead-to-lease time

Today’s renters demand instant personalized responses. Fast, automated responses from our virtual leasing agent give renters the information they need, when they need it. No more frustrating renter experience, no more overwhelmed leasing teams. More decision-ready prospects, more efficiencies for your teams. All in less time.

Software or human?

AI + automation that don’t feel artificial

Our AI solution earned a 100/100 secret shop score by a client, when they posed as a prospective renter inquiring at their communities using our VLA. Meaning we got a perfect score for every lead nurturing requirement, including immediacy, consistency, personalization, and appointment setting. Can we let you in on a secret? Our AI + automation are so good, renters will think they’re your 100% human team. Which we love, because in our opinion, smart tech’s role is to amplify the impact of your teams and make renters feel at home.

multifamily CRM integration with AI solution by Funnel

Remove friction for demanding renters

Leasing AI that’s there when you need it

When a renter has a question or a process gets stuck, don’t stall the renter journey just because your onsite agent is busy or the office is closed. Funnel’s omni-channel communication delivers rich conversations, with seamless agent handoffs for customizable renter experiences you control no matter what time.

Delight teams

Happy teams provide exceptional service

It’s that simple. If you want to create a great experience for your renter, your teams need to love their jobs. Customers are savvy, and can pick up on nuances in mood and behavior that will put them on edge and drive them to rent elsewhere. AI and automation free your leasing teams from the time-consuming back office tasks that take them away from delighting renters from initial inquiry, to move-in through renewals.

Multifamily CRM reporting and analytics dashboard

Intelligent reporting

Actionable insights, lead business efficiencies.

Use our real-time reporting to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, reduce costs, improve performance and predictively staff. Skip the guessing games of when your community’s busiest times are, use data to identify them, and staff to provide the best experience for your team (i.e. not overwhelmed) and your renters (i.e. not underserved). Call us nerds, but we are all heart-eyed-emojis for actionable data and smart tech creating business efficiencies at scale.

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