Specialize roles to optimize operations + create bigger better jobs for teams. 

Reduce costs + increase efficiency with multi-site operations.

  • Leverage centralization + role specialization to future-proof your business. 
  • Provide top-tier customer service for renters + residents at every step of their journey.
  • Improve your margins, let your team play to their strengths, + delight renters. 
Centralization through multifamily CRM by Funnel

What is the impact?


task time saved — Essex Property Trust


saved annually — Camden Property Trust


increased compensation for leasing teams

Centralization playbook for centralized leasing with multifamily CRM

Get your custom, portfolio-tailored centralization plan now!

  • Stop losing revenue on inefficient operating models. 
  • Stop paying for duplicative work that could be handled by AI.
  • Take the guesswork out of centralization. Funnel’s blueprint breaks down what you need to start centralizing right now.
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Centralization playbook for centralized leasing with multifamily CRM

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“Centralization freed up our teams to focus on our residents and deliver that above and beyond experience.

Scott Moore

Cortland multifamily CRM provider

Funnel centralization series

Learn more about centralization and role specialization in this eight-video series from our industry experts.

Improve your agent-to-unit ratio

Use the calculator below to see how Funnel can increase your operating margins.

Renter-centric® architecture

Stop managing renters with Property Management Software

Funnel’s single renter-centric guest card (only one guest card for each renter) places the renter at the center of every interaction. We built it this way because Funnel is more than a band-aid solution CRM. Don’t waste your time with smoke-and-mirrors solutions that promise efficiency with hyperlinked guest cards but deliver time-wasting workflows. Our unique data architecture unlocks the new operating model which includes multi-site operations, centralization, role specialization and cross-selling. All while creating a better experience for renters and efficiencies for teams.

renter-centric CRM for multifamily CRM centralization
multifamily centralization for centralized operating with CRM by FUnnel

Drive efficiency with true role specialization

Don’t watch your margins continue to shrink

A jack of all trades is a master of none. Leasing professionals have a ton of administrative tasks, which take them away from focusing on renters and residents. With Funnel’s unique renter-centric architecture and MyQueue dashboard, you can create tailored workflows and enable true role specialization for multi-site or portfolio-wide workflows. For example, if you have a dedicated renewal team, they can work through an automatically prioritized queue of renewal-related tasks across the portfolio from one dashboard. The results: dramatic efficiencies for operators, more enjoyable day-to-day for teams and renters who felt their entire experience was custom-built for them.

Consistent renter + resident experiences

Increase renewals + provide ideal customer experiences

Centralization creates a better experience for renters, increases resident retention + bigger better jobs for your team. A centralized team answers initial questions, and then the renter is ready to tour they hand off to an onsite team delivering lease-worthy tours, who then hands off to a specialized team handling leasing and renewals. Our partner RMR group had a 15% increase in resident retention YOY after centralizing operations. At every step, the renter is dealing with experts with robust knowledge and proven, consistent communications to guide them home.

Resident onboarding with multifamily CRM
multifamily centralization through multifamily CRM

Unlocking centralization

Don’t let tech hold you back

You shouldn’t have to choose between single point solutions that only make a portion of the renter journey better and legacy PMS players who were never originally intended for customer-facing software. Rather than repeating inefficient tasks at each community in your portfolio, bring multi-site workstreams to centralized or regional teams to create efficiencies at scale and unburden your overwhelmed teams.

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