Funnel is made for

Leasing professionals and onsite teams

What is the impact?


of applicant IDs are verified automatically, with no agent action.

Get your time back

Camden gave leasing teams Sunday off without any drop in performance or productivity.


of initial inquiries handled via automation, AI, or Virtual Leasing Agent.

Funnel makes my job so much easier by reaching my clients [renters] in a touch!!!!”

Laura Hernandez
Resident Experience Manager

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How does it work?

Leasing shouldn’t be a nightmare

Let tech take the never-ending administrative tasks and follow-up off your plate. No more drowning in a deluge of small, but vital tasks that pull you away from building the trusted relationships you want to with renters and residents. No more playing document detective to approve applicants. No more feeling like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Way more time and focused energy for the parts of your job you love.

How can Funnel help you?

86% of initial inquiries are handled via AI and automation, taking routine follow-up off your plate.

AI and automation qualify and filter inquiries, only escalating qualified decision-ready prospects.

Happier teams provide happier customer service.

Automatically verify income and identity via Funnels’ online leasing solution. No more playing document detective 🕵️.

Increase productivity via role specialization and clear career pathing.

All communication is stored in one place (both for Virtual Leasing Agent, or human team member) giving you the info to schedule tours and convert prospects.

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