Create a consistent multifamily leasing experience

Nothing is more important than renters and residents.

  • Make data-informed decisions and create consistent messaging at scale.
  • Create an elevated experience to combat dipping occupancies, flat rent and better compete for renters
  • Put your portfolio’s best branded foot forward and ensure consistency from listing through renewal.
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What is the impact?


AI + automation boost prospect sentiment to 88%. — Mack Property Management


secret shop score — RKW Residential


of applications are completed on a mobile device.

“We have had prospects schedule a tour at 2:00 a.m. because Cortney (VLA) has replied. That could never happen before.”

Nikki Sarmer
Marketing Technology Specialist

Cortland multifamily CRM

Better compete for renters

Send the right message at the right time to delight renters.

No more delayed follow-up that makes renters feel ghosted. Marketing automation connects the right message, with the right researching renter, at the right time. This means way more delighting renters with timely messages: pre-tour reminders, post-tour follow-up, post inquiry nurturing, can all be automated with customer pad time, html styling, so that prospects enjoy a cohesive, relevant, on-brand experience regardless of the agent working and their bandwidth. Optimize the renter journey to make renters feel at home with each communication, and stand out with all the new supply hitting the market. 

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Resident communications through multifamily CRM by Funnel

Resident communications

Great messaging doesn’t end with a lease signature

Property management companies shouldn’t need to choose between solutions that only offer the prospect-facing communication, or the resident-facing communication. Instead, with Funnel’s Renter Management Software, they are able to delight new renters and retain residents by continuing to send the right message, at the right time form inquiry through renewals.

Increase lifetime customer value by communicating with residents with the same level of care that you’d use with high-value prospects. With Funnel teams can answer resident questions, send community updates via bulk messaging, and automated renewal communications. RMR Group increased resident retention to 15% after adding Funnel. 

Modern Syndication

Unit level listing details

First impressions matter, unit level details matter, prospective renters are choosing their next home, not their next t-shirt. With Funnel’s Renter Management Software, you can rest easy knowing that every listing, for every unit, is displayed optimally for each site. No more updating listings in multiple places, make changes directly on Funnel and update everywhere. Easy, right?

ILS integration multifamily CRM
multifamily CRM product by Funnel

Renter Management Software

No more choosing between legacy players and point solutions

Our purpose-built solution provides portfolio-wide data insights to power the entire renter, resident and team experience in a single platform. Our SOC II Type II certified, enterprise-grade marketing and communications platform takes unnecessary (and often frustratingly inadequate) tech off your team’s plate. 

All communication from initial inquiry through renewal, in a single platform. A single login for the entire renter experience for prospects, residents and your teams.

Multi-touch attribution

Spend smarter: more leases, less spend

It’s impossible to optimize your marketing spend if your marketing attribution isn’t showing where your hard-earned leads are coming from. Instead of marketing as a game of guess and check meets gut hunch, Funnel’s multi-touch attribution accurately attributes sources and unlocks marketing insights. Know what channels lead to leases. Spend smarter on what’s working, and cut what’s not with confidence. Drive more leases, with less spend.

multitouch attribution through multifamily CRM by Funnel

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AI + automation boost prospect sentiment to 88%

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