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Virtual Leasing Agent + AI

Funnel’s virtual leasing agent (VLA) gives stretched-thin teams a hand. It’s powered by machine learning and natural language processing to seamlessly automate every step of the renter journey from initial inquiry through renewals.

What is the impact?


increase in lead-to-lease conversion

Prevent burnout

Camden now gives their leasing staff Sundays off with no productivity loss.


of VLA Tours scheduled after hours

“We have had prospects schedule a tour at 2:00 a.m., because Cortney (VLA) replied. That could never happen before.”

Nikki Sarmer
Marketing Technology Specialist

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Leasing teams are overwhelmed and renters demand perfection.

Our Virtual Leasing Agent (VLA) = your teams’ new BFF. Give your teams a hand, and take 86% of initial inquiries off their plate with our VLA. Our VLA engages, answers, and converts prospects through email, SMS, website chat, and voice in a quick, human-like manner (EVEN outside normal office hours). When it’s time to take the conversation a little further, it seamlessly hands the conversation to live agents through customizable preferences. Better still, our VLA is built on our award-winning CRM, parsing answers and recording renter preferences to the guest card throughout the conversation — saving your teams from a manual lift. 

How much can AI save your business?

Adjust the sliders to see your savings.

Rich conversations

AI so good, your prospects will think it’s a human

Conversationally answer the questions renters need to know, all while capturing renter’ preferences in the guest card, without lifting a finger. AI doesn’t have to feel artificial, that is why Funnel’s chatbot also has the “brain” of our Virtual Leasing Agent and can answer complex questions about your community, schedule tours, and present similar units in sister communities, in a natural human-like manner via chat, SMS, email, and voice.

This is not the old automated ‘boo-beep-be-bop’ robot conversations that renters run away from. This is the modern solution that leads to your prospects asking to meet *your VLA’s name* when they arrive for their tour. 

marketing automation feature of CRM product from Funnel

One platform

No more tech stack bloat

No more piecing together multiple platforms to get the chat, email, SMS, and voice AI functionality of your wildest dreams. Our ultimate blend of advanced machine learning and natural language processing allows your tech to answer questions, even multiple questions, on multiple channels, from a single platform. Say goodbye to data or renters falling through integration cracks, giving renters the real-time answers they demand.

Agent handoffs

Seamless handoff and visibility

Give your teams the tools they need to do their job flawlessly. With Funnel, teams know what follow-up to-dos are most important because tasks can be automatically assigned to leasing teams in the CRM, all based on actions taken in VLA conversations. Because every conversation is recorded to prospect records, and easily accessible in real-time through the CRM, leasing teams can step in and keep the conversation going at any moment.


Personalized tech

In true partnership, we make sure our tech fits your needs and preferences. You decide the responses, timing, agent handoff triggers, naming the virtual agent (if you’d like), if it should identify as robot or human, language, and so much more.

CRM Integration

Designed to amplify your CRM

Our CRM and VLA were built to work as a team, so nothing is lost in translation. Rich prospect data is captured by the VLA and added to guest cards, to give leasing teams the information they need, instantly and automatically.

Marketing automation

True marketing automation

Renters demand perfection in every experience. To deliver the five-star apartment shopping experience renters deserve, your team needs marketing automation to take the valuable, but often manual, follow-up off their plate.

Automated cross-selling

Don’t watch leads leave your portfolio

You already spent the marketing dollars to bring them in. Help them find the best home in your portfolio that matches their preferences, even across town, without any extra effort from your team. Drive additional revenue that would have fallen through the cracks. Our platform can cross-sell sister properties without a human being involved. Whether it’s lack of availability at their initial budget, amenity preferences, or pet policy, the VLA will automatically recommend a nearby community that might be a better fit. 

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