January 04 2023

From fighting housing inequality, helping clients centralize operations, earning perfect scores with our AI solution, to partnering with new industry disrupters: it was our best year yet. 


Funnel’s best is yet to come. But, as we dive wholeheartedly into 2023, we are equally proud of the work that got us to this point. Indulge us in looking back on the highlights of our best year yet. 

Our products funded housing equality (and always will)

Last year, Funnel announced H.O.M.E., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to which they proudly donate $1 to H.O.M.E. from each new lease signed and completed using our online leasing platform. “Funnel’s online leasing solution went live for clients this year collecting our first H.O.M.E. funds,” said Tyler Christiansen, CEO of Funnel. “Funnel built these funding mechanisms into our products to scale the impact of H.O.M.E. alongside Funnel’s growth.”

“Funnel’s online leasing solution went live for clients this year collecting our first H.O.M.E. funds. Funnel built these funding mechanisms into our products to scale the impact of H.O.M.E. alongside Funnel’s growth.”

— Tyler Christiansen, CEO, Funnel


We led centralization for some of the biggest operators

We helped notable clients take huge steps toward centralized operational models, and launched Centralization as a ServiceSM (CaaS), a professional services department, to help property management companies along their centralization journeys. 

We learned on earnings calls that our client Essex realized 35% time savings because of centralization. 

In their public earnings call, Camden on a full-year stabilized basis saved $4-5 million dollars after centralizing and adding AI and automation to their workflows. 

But wait, there’s more, they were also able to give their leasing teams Sundays off (without a performance drop) after these business changes too! 

(P.S. if you’re curious about how to take actionable steps we have a portfolio-tailored, customized centralization playbook waiting for you. Request it here). 


Our AI was rated ‘perfect’ (no, really)

Not to brag, but our AI scores higher than even most human agents when secret shopped. As in, when a community using Funnel was secret shopped, RKW rated Funnel 100/100 hitting every lead nurturing requirement they have, including immediacy, consistency, personalization and appointment setting. Read the GlobeSt. article about it if you don’t believe us. 


The products you love just got better

We build our products in a modern way, which is to say, keep iterating, integrating, and making everything we build a little bit better all the time. 

  • CRM now has bulk messaging templates, allowing operators to communicate with all of your residents, prospects or applicants at once with branded HTML emails, as well as click-to-communicate allowing your teams to communicate with prospects and residents easier than ever before. 
  • Our AI solution became a little bit smarter. We rebuilt our Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning models making them smarter, more natural, and conversational. We tailored our AI solution for lease-up properties, and we automated cross-selling pushing Funnel’s smart tech to the forefront of centralization. 
  • We launched online leasing letting renters lease apartments in as little as 1.8 minutes, plus we added workflows for transfers, renewals, mid-lease changes, and two-phased screening. 


We raised $36 million to create a new category: Renter Management Software

Funnel Raised a $36 Million Series B to develop a new class of technology, Renter Management Software, so that operators aren’t stuck choosing between single solution challengers that inherently silo your data and fracture the renter experience, or bloated  monopolies who sacrifice the renter experience in the name of “how it was always done.” 

Stay tuned for onboarding, resident tools and renewal products coming in 2023…


Our clients led and gained market share 

6 of the top 20 work with Funnel. We have incredible new clients who joined our mission to revolutionize leasing. Read why UIP, LCOR, and CedarSt companies joined the P.I.N.K. side too. 


We hired the best 

56 rockstars joined the Funnel team, expanding our reach into 31 states including Chief People Officer Tanya Gibson, Vice President of Sales Sasha Lawler, and Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Matt Moore. 


We won awards 

We were named a 2022 Influencer in Multifamily for Organizations by GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum, which recognizes individuals, teams, and organizations that are disrupting and pushing the multifamily industry forward. We were a finalist in the 2022 NAA Top Employers Awards

We were also honored with Tampa Bay’s Inno on Fire award, which honored the 35 Tampa Bay companies and innovators setting the region ablaze. 


Our employee-led groups continue to create our culture

Our Employee-Led Groups partnered to add the medical benefit of healthcare travel-related experiences for services that are not offered in their geographic area. 

  • The Employee Experience Council, or EEC, partnered with Women of Funnel to evaluate parental leave policies and co-hosted events throughout 2022. 
  • Funnel Pride sponsored allyship events to foster a culture of understanding and openness, provided ongoing company-wide LGBTQIA2+ education, partnered with Funnel leadership to speak on and voice support for the LGBTQIA2+ community, ensured Funnel offered a full suite of gender-affirming care, partnered with SAGE for a fundraising campaign which was matched by Funnel. 
  • Women of Funnel held internal allyship events to create a sense of supportive community, implemented mentorship and networking processes, and hosted educational events including welcoming Funnel board member and multifamily veteran Cris (Sullivan) Wheeler to present to the team. 


The Future is P.I.N.K.

We mean P.I.N.K. like our values — prosocial, integrity, novel and kick-a** — because we know none of this would be possible without the dedicated Funnel team, our industry-leading clients, and partners who worked to make this all possible. 

Learn how 2023 can be your best year yet with Funnel.