July 28 2021
Cortland Leverages Funnel's Renter-Centric Platform To Build Lasting Resident Relationships

What part of the apartment leasing experience needed to be revolutionized?

Cortland prides itself on providing “Above and Beyond Apartment Living” for its residents. Naturally, they expect the same from their apartment shopping experience. When traditional, inflexible solutions became a source of frustration for the team, they began a quest for a better alternative. In a nutshell, they needed a platform that could fuel a personalized and connected apartment shopping and leasing experience for future renters, while seamlessly integrating with their existing and evolving systems.

Funnel’s Fix: Automate and streamline redundancies so apartment leasing teams can deliver refreshing customer experiences.

After wading through available multifamily industry solutions that didn’t measure up, Mike Gomes, Chief Experience Officer, and Scott Moore, Chief Technology Officer, did a deep dive into Funnel’s capabilities and immediately knew they were on to something powerful. Funnel aligned with Cortland’s vision to reinvent the apartment leasing experience in more ways than one. As Scott put it, “Funnel’s team, their culture, the way they operated, and the way we integrated roles and shared information were all indicators of a good fit for us.” Mike agrees. “Funnel is a partner that understands our business needs and goals — and works with us to help us achieve them.”

“In this industry, most software is built for property management. We were consistently hearing from our community teams that the current tool for managing prospects had frustrating deficiencies. Our vision was to implement something that’s built around the customer.”

– Mike Gomes, Chief Experience Officer, Cortland

Funnel’s Fix: Simplicity, Flexibility and Agility for the Win

Funnel’s fresh, seamless, AI-powered approach to multifamily leasing reflected Cortland’s vision for flipping the script on the industry’s outdated process. By automating and streamlining redundant lead management tasks, Funnel significantly frees up valuable time for Cortland’s leasing teams to get to know their prospective residents and help them find the perfect apartment home. It leads to more leases signed from happier customers.

“With Funnel, we’re able to treat our prospective residents like individuals and personalize our conversations. It sounds basic because this is what we expect in all our consumer engagement across all our interactions, but it wasn’t possible before. It just wasn’t how multifamily worked. Funnel is giving us the ability to treat customers the way they’re expecting to be treated.”

– Mike Gomes, Chief Experience Officer, Cortland

Headquartered in Atlanta, Cortland chose this market for its initial pilot so they could get quick feedback from community teams and monitor training. And then the word spread about Funnel’s intuitive platform and dashboard. “Before we even rolled out Funnel to additional communities, there was a lot of anticipation when teams in other markets heard from their counterparts at the Atlanta pilot site,” Scott stated.

After the pilot sites, Cortland did a roll-out to the rest of its Atlanta market (9,000+ apartment homes in 20+ communities) in Q4 2019. The implementation continued and now, Funnel’s award-winning software is in all of Cortland’s national portfolio of more than 185 communities with 65,000+ apartment homes in 16 markets.

Cortland is committed to placing its residents front and center of their living experience. Likewise, Funnel is committed to providing an exceptional, seamless experience that helps them deliver on that promise — with less work, using less time, and producing higher profitability and happier residents.

To find out more about Funnel’s renter-centric leasing experience, see our products.