Why use Funnel?

Omni-Channel Communication

Full-Funnel Results


  • Syndication

    When it comes to getting eyeballs on your units, no one goes further than Funnel. Through our listing distribution and website powering services, your units will be streamed across all key marketing channels and end up on every prospect’s wishlist.

    Lead Management

    “I love manually updating my hundreds of leads,” said no one ever. Funnel’s lead management system cuts down the manual tasks needed from your on-site team to manage prospects. Our technology can handle tour scheduling, respond to inquiries, and even enable click-to-dial phone calls. That means more time to close deals instead of slaving away on minuscule tasks.


    In building the leasing experience of the 2020’s, we’re using insights drawn from our advanced performance reports. They go beyond marketing charts and actually provide real insights to help you make money moves that improve each facet of the funnel.

    Analytics With A Story
    Presentation-Ready Reports
  • Online Leasing (New)

    The automated leasing experience isn’t complete without an automated way of submitting an application. Our software pulls all the financial info needed for your prospect to quickly complete the last step in the funnel. Faster sign times turn into increased conversions, with happy on-site teams and even happier residents.

    Faster Close Times
    Simpler Experience
    Not Your Father's CRM

    Everything you need to market and lease your portfolio - all in one dashboard. Our CRM is user-friendly, easy on the eyes, and makes managing your portfolio instant and seamless.

    Intuitive Dashboard
    Powerful Tools
    Messaging & Phone Handling

    Our platform ensures that leads receive responses, can book tours, and have their questions answered, all in real-time. Plus, leasing teams can text, email, chat or call prospects, all from Funnel. And having to write up a thousand notes after these interactions…no, thanks. We automatically transcribe and keep a log of all of your communications.


Convert your prospects to residents.

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