February 23 2021

Funnel’s Revolutionary Online Leasing Tools Enables Renting an Apartment in 10 Minutes or Less

Industry-First FinTech Integration Reduces Time and Fraud


February 23, 2021, TAMPA, FL — The new rental experience is here, and renters are opting for tools that make leasing simpler.

Last year, Funnel announced their Online Leasing platform would be available in beta format for existing clients, and today, the impact on the industry is already being felt. Currently, 38% of applicants with access to the renter-centric Online Leasing platform are opting into automated income verification. Automated income verification uses state-of-the-art fintech, linking financial accounts in one easy, secure step, eliminating the need to find and upload tax returns and pay stubs. With less work, applicants are moving forward faster, and landlords are seeing a drastic reduction in the friction that often occurs at one of the most burdensome stages of an application. Furthermore, landlords are proceeding more confidently, having access to more reliable financials and knowing fraud is less likely to occur.

“Online leasing hasn’t changed in over a decade,” stated Funnel CEO Tyler Christiansen. “Funnel has completely reimagined the application experience in modern terms similar to what customers demand in most other industries. In order to meet today’s renter expectations, we needed to bring mobile-first automation and fintech into multifamily. Our technology allows multifamily operators to catch up to their renters’ e-commerce preferences to stay competitive.”

Funnel’s Online Leasing platform transforms a manual and frequently fraudulent application process into a simple, secure, mobile-first experience. It’s proven pivotal for renters, and early customer feedback is demonstrating just that. One of the first users to submit an application through the Online Leasing platform expressed, “It was so easy, straightforward, concise, and it was very user friendly.” Real-world use case data also confirms prospects can submit their application in under 10 minutes directly from their mobile devices.

Once an application is submitted, the Online Leasing platform provides a fast and simple way for operations teams to track an applicant’s status and review the submitted information for processing and executing leases. Through e-signing, the final step in the process is further simplified, and applicants can render fully-executed leases in record time.

The new era of leasing is here, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for both renters and landlords.

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