September 13 2022

Renter Management Platform Selected to Present in Disruptors Panel


SEPT 14, 2022, TAMPA, FL Funnel Leasing, the only Renter Management Software platform, today announced that Tyler Christiansen, CEO of Funnel Leasing will present and speak with investors, and key stakeholders at Bank of America Securities 2022 Global Real Estate Conference in New York, NY on September 14, 2022 as a part of the New Technology & Disruptors session. 


“The increased interest in, and growth of, the multifamily space is exciting. I am honored to speak on behalf of Funnel as a part of the New Technology & Disruptors. At Funnel, we don’t do things just to be ‘disruptive’ we change the way things have always been done because it makes better sense for property management companies, their teams, and most importantly renters,” said Tyler Christiansen, Funnel Leasing CEO. “We are excited to share what we’ve learned, by partnering with some of the largest REITs and property management leaders in the country, and where the future is headed as a part of this great group.” 


Hosted by BofA Global Research, the Bank of America Securities 2022 Global Real Estate Conference features company roundtable discussions, thematic panel talks with Global Leaders on emerging industry trends, and one-on-one/small group meetings. The conference represents the leading and largest real estate companies, and investment firms. 


About Funnel Leasing

Funnel exists so multifamily operators don’t have to pick between antiquated monopolies or single solution challengers. After decades of the status quo, operators are no more efficient, and renters still dread the process of leasing an apartment. We fixed that with a platform that turns the entire business model on its head. Renter Management Software is a new category of connected tools built around the renter. The software delivers a consistent, connected experience from first inquiry through years of renewals. All this while simultaneously saving operators quantifiable money through the smaller, and happier teams that only a renter-centric platform can enable.


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