May 11 2020

Funnel contact center software for multifamily teams at no cost

Waiving fees for the next 90 days to power cloud communication tools for multifamily leasing teams to easily transition to remote leasing

New York, NY – May 13, 2020 — Funnel, the leading multifamily marketing and leasing software by Nestio, have announced today that the company is bringing a first-of-its-kind remote leasing solution to the multifamily industry, powered by Twilio’s cloud communications platform.

Amid COVID-19 disruptions, the multifamily industry has been forced to pivot most traditional operations to adapt to changing work environments. Transitioning on-site leasing teams into remote teams has been one of the myriad tasks operators are facing as they seek to keep residents, prospects, and associates safe during this world-wide pandemic.

“We are eager to help and participate in an opportunity to give back to our industry.” — Funnel CEO and Co-Founder Caren Maio

“We are eager to help and participate in an opportunity to give back to our industry”, said Funnel CEO and Co-Founder Caren Maio. “Twilio has been an outstanding partner to us and our hope is that we can power omnichannel contact centers so that leasing teams can continue to thrive even while working from home.”

Omnichannel contact centers enable existing contact centers to strengthen their offering and help multifamily operators quickly stand up new contact centers. It combines Twilio’s cloud-based communications APIs with Funnel’s innovative remote contact center tools. Funnel’s tools integrate with existing accounting software and enable leasing teams to handle emails, calls, SMS, and live chat — all remotely, as well as reporting to track real-time leasing performance. The combination of these easy-to-use tools will enable multifamily professionals to smoothly transition their on-site teams into remote leasing teams, addressing today’s needs and redefining how the industry works in the future.

“As the world transitions to a socially distanced reality, every industry must adapt to a remote working world,” said Matt Kresch, director of industry marketing at Twilio. “Real estate is one such industry and we’re excited that Funnel is paving a path forward for the multifamily industry so that customers can continue serving owners and renters even while they shelter in place.”

For the next 90 days, multifamily owners and managers can sign up for these remote contact center tools without fees. Funnel and Twilio are waiving their fees and passing through only direct costs from the carriers and any hard costs, recognizing these next several months will be critical for the multifamily industry. Whether your team already has a contact center and wants to strengthen it, or needs to build a contact center from the ground up, these tools will assist leasing agents in staying connected with prospects.

Visit today to schedule time with a Funnel consultant and see if this solution fits your portfolio. To learn more about Twilio’s and Funnel’s other initiatives to help during this coronavirus pandemic, check out and

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