January 30 2024

Follow up with every lead automatically + leverage AI for good. Good efficiency, teams, and your renter experience.

See how recent advancements in AI, like Chat-GPT, can create optimal renter experiences, give teams a hand, and equitably help renters find their next home from the people who actually build AI every day, and with it, multifamily’s future. 

Tune in to hear Jess Groff VP of Product, Mallory Sheibley Product Manager, and James Chryssanthacopoulos Data Scientist share the behind-the-scenes look at how not all products are created equally, how AI models are trained, and how AI will change multifamily. 

“The difference in AI and Automation can be seen in the market today in certain chatbots, for example. If you’ve ever interacted with a chatbot where you have to choose and click buttons for predefined options, you’re going down a rule-based click path that falls under the automation umbrella versus actually using an AI model to understand what the input is saying.”

— Mallory Sheibley, AI Product Manager, on what AI isn’t 

“Garbage in, garbage out. If you feed the training algorithm garbage it’s going to return to your garbage, and I think if you want to adapt that to this instance it’s bias in, bias out. If your data set is biased, you’re going to get a model that is also biased.”

— James Chryssanthacopoulos Data Scientist, on how bias is perpetuated with AI

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