March 01 2024

Funnel was my baby for the past thirteen years — occasionally waking me in the middle of the night, sometimes being a real pain in the ass, deciding to change its name a couple of times, and growing up much faster than I ever imagined. 

What began as an idea in Caren Maio’s apartment is now a work-from-anywhere team of 130 people, who are making it easier for hundreds of thousands of renters to find an apartment, apply, move in, and pay their rent. 

I’ve made the incredibly hard decision that it’s time for me to move on — and spend some time with my (actual) baby. Today is my last day with Funnel.

As a founder, I feel privileged to see Funnel grow far beyond the original team. I’m able to step aside knowing that it is in a great spot and much more capable hands than my own. 

Tyler and Ben have led the transition of this company from a New York City broker product to an enterprise platform serving some of the largest names in the industry.

Tyler has brought a focus to the company that has cleared the way to build a product that is truly set apart from other solutions. He can quickly pivot from the big picture down to the details, like turning the company pink – a decision I questioned at first, but Tyler won me over.

Ben’s excitement about this company is palpable (and has been since our first interview). When he joined I was very much looking for a partner in building the product and engineering organization.  Ben has been so much more than that. His leadership is clear to anyone who interacts with Funnel, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without his commitment and passion. 

I am happiest and my skill set is best utilized as an active contributor to Funnel’s code and architecture. 

To that end, several years ago I was thrilled to hire Jon Capuano as VP of Engineering. Over the past several years, Jon has brought maturity and discipline to Funnel’s engineering practice. I’m constantly awed by the quality and quantity of things that our team can deliver.  

For the original Nestio crew — having the opportunity to work side-by-side with you for so many years has been a joy. Your dedication has helped shape the company and set the framework for what then Nestio, now Funnel, can and will become. 

This January at Funnel Fest in Tampa, I spent time with most of the 130 people who have chosen to work here. It was humbling (and certainly made me question my decision to leave). The quality, talent, and integrity of the people who choose to come to work at Funnel continually blows me away.

Building this company with you, watching you make it your own, form its culture, and make it the success it is today has been the highlight of my career. Thank you.