October 18 2022

Create confusion, then clarity


Be original, unique, and buzzworthy

The NAA event is one of the largest shows of its kind. The industry’s top thought leaders, trendsetters, and innovators come together to share ideas, and Impact XM’s client, Funnel Leasing, is one of them.

In a highly attended and competitive event, Funnel engaged Impact XM to design an environment and engagement that told the brand’s story and highlighted their key point of differentiation. Funnel wanted a concept that would create a buzz on the show floor and bring the company’s message to life in their first large booth.

Watch the video below to see Funnel’s NAA highlights.


A path to success

Funnel offers a real estate software platform focused providing customers a more efficient and streamlined process for their renters.

The NAA exhibit design showcased the stark contrast between a renter’s experience on Funnel’s platform vs rest of the solutions available. Attendees entered at their own risk into the Multifamily Apartment of Terror, a maze made up of random pathways and cluttered with mirrors, graphics and strobe lighting. This experience representing the typically confusing process and challenges that renters faced.

Upon exiting the maze, they entered the bright ‘Funnel of Love where the solutions were presented in a linear path with clear communication allowing attendees to find relevant information easily. The stark contrast helped guest quickly understand how Funnel differs from their key competitors.


Attendees engaged and walked away with a clear understanding of what “renter-centric” means and a new appreciation for Funnel. The client was overwhelmed by the buzz they received on the show floor and were very excited with how the maze drew people to their booth.

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