December 14 2021

“What we’ve heard from our employees is that they don’t have to be bogged down in emails…these tools are allowing [our leasing teams] to focus on the things that they really want to focus on and on doing well in their jobs…it’s really built on our employee experience.” – Allison Dunavant, VP of Organizational Development, Camden Property Trust


Employee retention has been an increasing pain point for employers, touching nearly every industry today. While some factors contributing to this issue are out of the hands of employers, including a shifted market and expectations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, other factors are very much within the control of employers.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that are within the control of companies, including one often overlooked, and break down how to successfully manage them.

Hiring & Firing in Multifamily Residential

No matter where you sit within an organization, the hiring and firing processes within the multifamily industries have led to an unprecedented turnover rate. Not only does this slow down efficiency and revenue potential, but it can prevent company culture from taking necessary and monumental steps forward, particularly in pivotal growth stages.

Today’s labor market, paired with increasing changes in technology are altering the way apartment and property management staffing operate. Before COVID, payroll was one of the easiest, most predictable line items to budget for. The massive shift within our labor market has changed that and left companies reeling.

There are a number of reasons for this shift in payroll predictability.

Additionally, the pandemic accelerated an already fast-growing adoption of virtual leasing and virtual resident service technologies. These reduce the necessity of on-site teams, which can drive down the traditional staff-per-unit ratio. This leads to savings AND improved efficiency, allowing your leasing team to focus on the highest-value tasks and leads.

Furthermore, the number of remote options are increasing at a rapid rate, which means the multifamily labor force can now compete for jobs in other industries. Individuals nationwide are now part of the potential labor pool. This truly impacts everything.

“I love that my follow up has taken me way less time to complete than before with [previous tool]. It is less inundating and intimidating.”
– Kelly Kauffman, Leasing Specialist, Camden

Give People Tools That Make Them Happy, and They’ll Stay Forever

More than ever, companies, and entire industries, are competing with one another to secure their top talent. Now is the time to invest in your people and entice the most talented to join your teams. Why? Because they have more options available to them than ever before.

To achieve this, Funnel has created tools that both satisfy and exceed your teams’ needs. Engage, our next-generation CRM, delivers features that make the workflows of agents exponentially more efficient. By optimizing workflows and automations for users of the Funnel platform we ensure agents can get through their days more efficiently, spend less time on monotonous tasks and focus on the parts of their job they love. We’ve invested significantly in building the best experience for your leasing teams and renters and the results speak for themselves. Some of the features teams rave about include:

  • Reduce monotonous tasks and streamline tasks/assignments-Cutting through the volume of leads to focus on the most important prospects is the basis of the Funnel model. Agents can now get through their tasks efficiently, automate many of the most time-consuming portions of their day and can spend their time working those leads who want a bit more face-to-face.
  • Everything sent from your mobile email is captured- Thanks to our bidirectional sync with Gmail and Outlook, agents can send emails on the fly or from home and everything is in one clean contact history window from phone calls (both inbound and outbound are recorded) with transcriptions to texts, to chats and emails.
  • Renters have a better experience-By answering their questions in real-time (even when the office is closed) renters have a better journey and are more likely to become residents.When renters inquire about a property, they don’t want to wait for the next business day until they receive answers. Our automated response platform allows renters to gain the information they need, when they need it. This clears up waiting times for renters and additional messaging duties for agents, allowing them to focus on high-priority tasks and gain more information about renters in order to better serve them.
  • It already exists! – Engage’s proven methods are already improving the workflows of agents at some of the largest property management companies in the country and displaying exactly why providing tools to your people increases their happiness and loyalty at work.

“Funnel has been a game changer! I can get what used to be hours’ worth of communications knocked out in 15 minutes of working through my que. Funnel offers me the peace of mind that all prospects and residents alike have timely access to our team no matter what the day’s agenda holds.” – Victoria Lewandowski, Leasing & Marketing Manager

Hear from Industry Leaders

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Allison Dunavant, VP of Organizational Development at Camden Property Trust has to say:


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