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Funnel Overview


Explore enhanced operational efficiency.

Funnel's uniquely renter-centric architecture and intuitive CRM dashboard, MyQueue, enable centralized operations, breezy cross-selling, and truly efficient operations.

Operational Efficiency Overview

Learn about Funnel's AI + Automation

Funnel's highly-configurable automation pairs with our Virtual Leasing agent to create higher conversion rates, happier renters, and the ability for teams to do more with less. 

AI + Automation Overview


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Aligning Best Practices & Reducing Staffing Challenges

Customize Your Renter's Experience: Engage with Timely, Relevant Messaging

Funnel enables leasing teams to provide a personalized renter experience from prospect to renewal, all through powerful automation + AI.

Personalized Renter Journey Overview


Renter-centric Guestcard

Your Most Critical Leasing Data, All in One Place.

Reduce the time you spend on collecting and deciphering through disjointed data. See how Funnel can quickly help you make important operating and marketing decisions, and streamlines your reporting workflow. 

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