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We're Committed to Inclusivity

Recent tragic events mightily reinforce our personal and collective responsibility to rid, once and for all, the scourge of racism. Funnel is committed to building a proptech company that is as diverse as the multifamily industry we serve, and that means working to not only live our inclusivity, but also to support and encourage it among all of society.
While there are many unknowns, several things remain abundantly clear to us:

◾️ The more everyone can educate themselves, the better.
◾️ The world needs empathy, compassion, and openness. We all need to do our part to identify positive ways to speak up—and show up—to address these issues.
◾️ Equality and racial equity transcend economic or political ideology. These are issues grounded in basic human rights.
◾️ Addressing systemic racism demands immediate action and unwavering commitment to effect change.

What we're doing

Company leaders who strive to make the world we share a better place for all are using this moment to fortify and amplify their commitment and actions in support of justice and equality. To let our team members, partners, clients, and vendors know where we firmly stand, Funnel has created and is implementing the #FunnelForAll action plan which includes the following:

Funnel Resource Center

Our new website is under development right now and will feature a permanent resource center dedicated to sharing vital information, resources, and tools to guide our efforts and to help other like-minded companies and individuals.

Communication Channel

We have created an internal channel for our team members to use in an effort to not only encourage conversations and enlightenment, but also to give it a dedicated, safe space to thrive.

Inclusion Activities

Dedicated time to unite and educate ourselves on racial equity and inclusion, book clubs, movies, TED Talks, racial bias workshop, etc. These are shared in Funnel’s town hall series. Strengthen awareness and connect with one another.

More to Come

We will continue to learn, grow, and try new things. These measures are just the beginning for us and we understand that more is needed. We are actively planning additional initiatives that support equality and expand opportunity and will be sharing details in the future as new parts of our action plan are launched.

Contact Us

We hope that sharing our plan will open up a dialogue with other groups and companies to lay the foundation for sharing best practices and guiding each other in making a significant and lasting impact. Doing what’s right can be contagious and swift with the right support system around you.

We can be reached at and we encourage all companies to reach out if you share this desire and are interested in aligning with, and supporting, a like-minded and like-hearted organization.

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